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Carl A. Bartol, Esq. - Founder
Carl A. Bartol, Esq.
The Prevent Delinquency Project was founded by Carl A. Bartol, MPA, Esq., a New York attorney employed by the County of Westchester, who has prosecuted cases involving juvenile delinquents since April 2001. Frustrated by a system which is inherently reactive in nature, targeting children who have had contact with the police or become the subject of formal legal process, Mr. Bartol set out to find ways to prevent delinquency, rather than respond to it. Relying upon his experience as a prosecutor, counselor in one of the nation's toughest maximum security facilities for youth, and over ten years as a field investigator in the government and private sectors, Mr. Bartol created the F.A.M.I.L.Y. Model of Parental Supervision, the teaching of which ultimately ripened into the Prevent Delinquency Project. Mr. Bartol's tips for parents and methods of investigating the activities of troubled teens have been published in Our Children (April/May 2005), the magazine of the National Parent Teacher Association; PI Magazine (April 2007), the trade journal for private investigators; Westchester Family (September 2008); and Juvenile Justice, a Guide to Theory, Policy, and Practice, 7th Edition (December 2010), a leading college textbook.
Leo Dylewski - Police Liason
Leo Dylewski
Police Liaison
Leo Dylewski has been a police officer since 1999 and joined the Peekskill New York Police Department in 2000. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the Prevent Delinquency Project based upon his experience as a law enforcement professional. Officer Dylewski is a certified D.A.R.E. officer, G.R.E.A.T. instructor, school resource officer and juvenile officer. In addition, Officer Dylewski is President of the Westchester County Youth Officer's Association, and Regional Representative for the State of New York Police Juvenile Officers Association. Officer Dylewski volunteers his free time with numerous grassroots efforts in the community he serves, aimed at helping youth, and keeping them out of trouble.
Shaun Scholl - Student Volunteer Coordinator
Shaun Scholl
Student Volunteer Coordinator
Shaun Scholl, an Eastchester High School student, joined the Prevent Delinquency Project in June 2008 and really hit the ground running. He has spent countless hours handing out literature, pens and posters to parents and community centers throughout Westchester County, New York. In addition, Shaun has been actively recruiting friends and others students to assist him in this endeavor. Within a few short weeks of joining the project, he was featured in the Gannett Review Press.

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